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Marketing Authorisation Applications for human medicines & medical devices

CTD conversion of historical documents

Expert Reports

Abstracts, Overviews and Summaries

Investigator's Brochure

Review Clinical Study Reports

Review SmPC, PIL and PSUR

Healthcare reports and medical documents beyond that for Regulatory submissions


Dr. Pradeep Bhandari, M.B.B.S., M.Med.

I am a public health physician with a strong interest in procuring and processing medical information. After an initial career in clinical and public health medicine, I have focussed on medical communication for the past several years. The organisations I have been involved with include pharmaceutical companies, consultancies that cater to the regulatory needs of pharmaceutical companies, and those that provide medical education and medical & pharmaceutical information through their websites. I wish to continue being involved in this creative and contemporary domain within the wide medical world. I welcome offers of any short or long-term project within my area of expertise.

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