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Marketing Authorisation Applications for human medicines & medical devices

CTD conversion of historical documents

Expert Reports

Abstracts, Overviews and Summaries

Investigator's Brochure

Review Clinical Study Reports

Review SmPC, PIL and PSUR

Healthcare reports and medical documents beyond that for Regulatory submissions


Rapidly expanding healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry and the need for faster and more efficient ways of bringing new drugs to the market has put a focus on high quality medical writing services.


It is essential that medical information is presented clearly and accurately so that it can be interpreted, validated and used safely. High quality documents are the results of passion and flair for writing, thorough and up-to-date medical knowledge, awareness of the changing global regulatory requirements, whilst addressing the client-specific needs and maintaining a clear focus on the objective. At Universal Medical Communication, we do just that through extensive research, writing of well-structured documents, and consistent editing. Meticulousness and timeliness are our guiding principles and we clearly understand how variations in these two areas can make a huge difference between a timely marketing authorisation application and approval, and costly delays.  


We have the experience of working for a number of global pharmaceutical companies and of producing documents across a wide range of therapeutic areas. As well as accepting individual writing projects directly from pharmaceutical companies, we can arrange to work for you through medical writing consultancies that have huge reputation and recognition. We also have a network of experts who can cater to your non-clinical writing requirements. 


We are extremely committed in maintaining our high standard of service. We are convenient, extremely flexible, and highly cost-effective.

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